Control Bar Product Description

Streamlined, lightweight and dependable, the new V4 Zian Control Bar delivers safety, session-extending comfort, and empowering performance.  With an integrated design, the ultra-safe V4 Bar features streamlined components for a clean, clutter-free, ergonomic experience.  The result? Seamless, simple, easy-to-use safety and control.

At the heart of the Control Bar lies the ClamCleat Power Adjuster, offering custom-engineered power management, conveniently located above the bar.  Equally important, the Nuke Push-Away Quick Release delivers lightning quick release and reset, and integrated below bar swivel — so simple and easy to use that it’s instinctual

The backbone of the V4 Bar is the new light weight, ergonomic bar stick wrapped in contoured, cushy EVA to fit your grip, the bar features all the other bells and whistles too: NEXT.GENERATION premium kite lines from Teufelberger, soft bar ends integrated with tangle-free fixed floaters, throw stopper, double- or single-line safety, line bungees, recoiling leash.

Safe, streamlined, and reliable — the V4 Control Bar is the perfect complement to a next-level ZIAN kite.

Zian uses SBS101 Double Ripstop canopy from Sakai Techfibre (Japan).

Sakai Techfibre (Japan) is home in the top end acrobatic paraglider and spinnaker fabrics which are manufactured exclusively by Sakai Ovex in Japan. For their SBS101 double ripstop kite canopy they use high tenacity polyester yarn manufactured by Toray Japan exclusively for Techfibre. Toray Japan is a multinational corporation specialized in polymer chemistry. This makes SBS101 the ONLY full Japanese canopy on the market.
 The canopy production is based on a new process that gives multiple benefits over conventional canopy.
The quality consistency from batch to batch is of a level we have not seen before. Special attention is taken to avoid “chalking” of the canopy after some use, a visual problem seen on many kites on the market. Rather than one sided coating, SBS101 has adopted a double sided multilayer coating technology for longer airproof canopy