At  ZIAN,  we  build  durable  products.  Meticulously  engineered  with  the highest-quality  materials, ZIAN  products  are  all  quality  tested  before  leaving  the  factory.  We  stand  behind  everything  we make, offering a healthy 12-month warranty against factory defects and workmanship.  

Rest assured, that anything with the ZIAN stamp on it is engineered to endure the elements, lasting an incredibly long time. While ZIAN products are designed for optimal longevity, nature will take a toll over time. So its important to take good care of the gear.

(See our “ Kite and Bar Care”  for details on how to well maintain your ZIAN gear). Should something happen to a ZIAN product due to defect (as outlined in our warranty policy), we will happily get you back on the water as swiftly as possible!

Even if something breaks outside the warranty period, get in touch and we can probably help you out –after all, we love kiting too and we understand how important it is to get back on the water as quickly as possible.

If you have encountered an issue with your ZIAN gear, please read our warranty policies carefully, and fill out the form below so we can begin processing your claim. You will be contacted within 24 hours. You are welcome to contact us anytime with questions.

Zian uses SBS101 Double Ripstop canopy from Sakai Techfibre (Japan).

Sakai Techfibre (Japan) is home in the top end acrobatic paraglider and spinnaker fabrics which are manufactured exclusively by Sakai Ovex in Japan. For their SBS101 double ripstop kite canopy they use high tenacity polyester yarn manufactured by Toray Japan exclusively for Techfibre. Toray Japan is a multinational corporation specialized in polymer chemistry. This makes SBS101 the ONLY full Japanese canopy on the market.
 The canopy production is based on a new process that gives multiple benefits over conventional canopy.
The quality consistency from batch to batch is of a level we have not seen before. Special attention is taken to avoid “chalking” of the canopy after some use, a visual problem seen on many kites on the market. Rather than one sided coating, SBS101 has adopted a double sided multilayer coating technology for longer airproof canopy